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"A good Director creates an environment, which gives the actor the encouragement to fly."

Throughout my career as a Voice and Acting Coach, I have been lucky enough to Direct and Musically Direct many wonderful young people during their actor training . Over the Last few years I have been directing all ages and levels of experience through my Theatre company " All The World's A Stage" .  From my experiences at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland , I love to collaborate with other people.


Please get in touch if you think  I would be a good fit to Direct or Musically Direct your project. 



When Theatre's closed in 2020, my students and fellow professional actors were bursting for opportunities to perform. Consequently, my coaching business "All the World's A stage", evolved into a Theatre Company, through which I devise and direct productions  to suit my company of actors, using Shakespeare's works as a basis.  I love combining various stories and characters together, to create a new story or message, interwoven with Live Music and singing, all performed in the open air.


My directing through "ATWAS"  brings together professional and student performers of all ages to create a " band of players" experience, were they are able to take on additional roles within the process, such as costume or poster design.

I offer guidance and education throughout the process to those who want it, with a motto of " Like a football team- we train together and we play together". 

I find working in this way, playing to the individual performers strengths and outdoors in nature, with simple sets and props extremely rewarding. I hope that it creates an intimate experience for the audience, with actors playing guitars and re-imagining iconic Shakespearean scenes, in amongst their picnics. 



I have been a Musical Director for various companies that I coach for and live music plays a key role in the productions that I Direct through my company "ATWAS".

 I have recently enjoyed working with the Oxford People's theatre on their Robin Hood Pantomime as their Musical Director. I Particularly enjoyed bringing together a band of musicians of all generations, music tastes and skill levels and finding ways to make them feel confident. I arranged popular songs to fit the plot and creating sound effects throughout the show. 

My strengths lie in being able to coach ensembles and soloists on  technical singing elements and acting through song, teaching harmonies and creating mash ups/new arrangements of songs. 

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